Disconnect - Snakes & Roses

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Put that phone down, grab a cup of coffee and let's play a friendly game of Disconnect! (Get it? ..Disc-Connect...  you're welcome.)

The game is simple, connect more than 3 but less than 5 discs before your opponent does and you win.

• Hand made with dyed birch ply and acrylic.
Made to order, ships in 1-2 weeks.

The Rose and The Snake

This isn't a Good vs. Evil theme. Who would win, a rose or a snake? This isn't rhetorical, I mean, the snake could just eat the rose and that would be it.... so yeah... the snake would win.

If you want to get all philosophical, I like to think of this more of a "what one may offer vs what one may take" theme.

From Garage to Table

Functionality is just as important as presentation. I went through many iterations before landing on a version that was practical and easy on the eyes.


This is just the beginning

Keep an eye out for other colour options and editions